Business Process


Business Process Outsourcing services, involve delegating specific business tasks or processes to external service providers to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Web Processing Solutions

DialTen Business Solutions offers a range of web processing services, including high-quality online data entry. We prioritize accuracy, timely deliveries, and strict confidentiality, allowing your organization to save costs and focus on core activities. Partner with us to experience efficient and secure web processing solutions tailored to your needs

  • Claims / Lawsuits Processing

  • Bills Processing

  • Orders / Requirements Processing

  • Payments Processing

  • Enrollment Processing

  • Credit / Debit Card Applications

  • Warranty / Guarantee Cards Processing

  • Lease Deeds Agreement Forms Processing

  • Reservation / Contact Forms Processing

  • Discount Coupon Form Processing

  • Travel Survey Processing

  • Membership / Registration Forms Processing

  • Medical / Patient Records Processing

  • Insurance Processing

Data Conversion Services & Solutions

DialTen Business Solutions specializes in top-tier data processing services that offer maximum efficiency and affordability. We understand that efficiency is the key to gaining a competitive edge in today's business landscape. Our commitment to delivering quality results swiftly has earned us a solid reputation in the industry.

Our Data Conversion Services cover a wide range of formats, employing both manual and automated techniques such as OCR, ICR, and OMR. We handle tasks like transforming images into text, converting text/RTF to XML/SGML, and processing PDFs. Additionally, we excel in styling, pagination/typesetting, tagging, re-tagging, as well as abstracting and indexing services.

Join us at DialTen Business Solutions and experience the perfect blend of efficiency and quality to propel your business forward

  • PDF to Word Document/Excel Spreadsheet conversion

  • Full-text Data Capture / Online Data Entry

  • Document Management / Archiving

  • Data extraction / Online data retrieval from web

  • Form Based Data Capture

  • HTML conversion

  • Ebook conversion/creation

  • XML conversion

  • Image to Doc/Excel

We Provide an Extensive Array of Data Conversion Services, Including:

  • Optical Character Recognition

  • Indexing

  • Scanning Solutions

  • Digital Imaging

  • Digitization

  • Manual data entry

  • Abstracting and Indexing

Efficient Policy Maintenance and Management

person writing on white paper
person writing on white paper

DialTen Business Solutions understands the constant pursuit of operational excellence in the insurance industry. We specialize in enhancing billing, reconciliation, and policy reporting processes. Our services seamlessly integrate policy-related data into your client's billing and coding system, ensuring timely data availability and ultimately improving service levels and the overall customer experience.

Our Core Policy Maintenance and Management Services Encompass:
  • Insurance application processing

  • Application screening

  • Pre proposal letters

  • Pre proposal inquiries

  • Clinical/medical follow-up for appointments

  • Medical Report verification/screening

  • Third party billing

  • Insurance policy details updating

  • Policy disbursements

  • Policy stacking

Efficient Document Stacking

Insurance companies constantly seek operational optimization to enhance billing, reconciliation, and policy reporting. At DialTen Business Solutions, we specialize in assisting companies with maintaining and managing policy-related data, seamlessly integrating it into clients' billing and coding systems. Timely access to this data leads to improved service levels and an enhanced overall customer experience.

DialTen Business Solutions also offers 24/7 document stacking services to companies in the insurance, banking, and underwriting sectors. Many companies in these industries receive documents in various formats, causing confusion and delays in processing. This can lead to unnecessary requests for missing or duplicate documents, ultimately delaying insurance policy issuance.

Underwriters require specific document formats for processes like underwriting, HUD-1 Settlement Statement review, closing, and pre/post-closing procedures. Well-organized document stacking is crucial for timely title policy clearance.

Our team at DialTen Business Solutions is well-acquainted with the documents used in real estate mortgage processes and insurance policies. This expertise enables us to stack documents in the precise order and format required by underwriters and insurance companies.

a stack of drawers sitting on top of each other
a stack of drawers sitting on top of each other

Looking to Overcome Business Challenges?

Are operational costs weighing you down? We excel in BPO and KPO services, streamlining processes, and delivering efficiency to your bottom line.

Struggling to find the right talent or fill staffing gaps? Our staffing solutions provide skilled professionals to bolster your team's capabilities.

Data entry and management woes? We ensure your data is accurate, organized, and easily accessible, empowering informed decision-making.

Cost Optimization
Resource Gaps
Data Precision

In real estate or mortgage? Our title search services offer meticulous research, enhancing due diligence and transaction efficiency.

Need to optimize workflows? Our solutions boost productivity, freeing your teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

Worried about quality? We uphold the highest standards and rigorous quality control, ensuring excellence in every task.

Property Transactions
Process Efficiency
Quality Assurance
Data Security
Customized Solutions

Concerned about data safety? We prioritize security and compliance with industry regulations, safeguarding your valuable information.

Looking for tailored services? We design solutions to align precisely with your unique business goals and industry requirements.

Let's navigate these challenges together! Our expertise and commitment are here to support your growth and success. Reach out to explore how we can partner for excellence.

Speak with our experienced outsourcing specialist to explore how we can assist with your project. Schedule a brief chat today!

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